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The Blue Line Run Club is a supportive and inclusive community that welcomes runners of all ages, abilities, and distances. Our goal is to build social connections that support both the individual as well as the community through running. The name “Blue Line” refers to the iconic striped blue line that notes the shortest route for the Chicago Marathon. Symbolically, the line represents much more than an efficient course direction but rather a single conduit that unites our athletes to the communities and each other.

When we aren’t running, you’ll find us supporting participants at events, raising money for charitable causes, providing social opportunities for our members, and partnering with other organizations for runs and similar experiences.

We have Instagram, Facebook, and Whats App accounts to stay up to date with events and activities we are planning. Our WhatsApp account is a great way to connect with others if you’re looking for a mid-week run. We welcome you to join us regardless of your fitness background or abilities and partake in a great community-focused group supporting our neighborhoods throughout the city of Chicago.

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